Who am I and why did I create this website?

You can call me Max of the Yunasai family. I am here to open new doors for you, the doors that may have been hidden from you… until now.

Your coming here is not a coincidence. It doesn’t matter who referred you here, or what search engine you used. There are no coincidences, you were meant to find your way here. 🙂


I add mainly two types of information here:

  • Videos and other stuff that’s been blocked and censored on the mainstream social media — what the big corporations, governments and powerful organizations don’t want you to know. Then you DO need to see the very information they’re trying to block! Why else would they censor anyone’s freedom of speech and freedom of opinion?
  • The second part is about sharing information that’s been kept hidden throughout the history. This is mostly spiritual and spiritual-scientific information. I’m also sharing some beautiful organic images that have healing properties, energetically uplifting and repairing. True sacred geometry included.

For example, if Facebook and Youtube are deleting videos that talk about vaccines, viruses, statistics, 5G radiation facts, and so on, then this should make you wonder… Why are they trying to hide the information that contradicts the official narrative orchestrated by the “elite”?

Did you know that those “independent fact checkers” are funded by the same system whose one-sided “facts” they are defending? They do debunk false information in order to seem legitimate, but also certain true facts that happen to contradict the official narrative. They often use biased/paid scientists/research with which to defend false/twisted information. That is modern communism.

How can any media or tech company be qualified to choose what information is true and what information is false? Especially when there are many videos made by real medical doctors (including private practice) providing outright facts with links and references to official sources.

The “elite” censor that because they want you to believe their lies and propaganda. Simple as that.

* The “elite” means a small group of very wealthy and powerful people who have influence over most world governments and world organizations, not to mention the mainstream media. They use their influence to pursue their own agenda for power, control, and to have more money in their pockets.