Do you really want to consent to participate in the world largest vaccine trials with you being the guinea pig? YOU the human guinea pig!!

Did you know that all these Pharmaceutical companies and Governments are not liable for any adverse reaction or death? You are providing full consent (accepting) to taking it willingly because of the fear that is being instilled in you because they’re twisting words such as mandatory/compulsory. These words don’t mean its the law!

The worrying part is they already know what happened to the animal guinea pigs/rats that took part, and it didn’t end well….

Please understand this has never been about a virus… it has always been about the vaccine rollout. It was all planned.

But maybe you are happy to accept it because it makes you feel safe, and you trust them and the vaccine ingredients because you already know the ingredients of the vaccine, and you have researched it fully, haven’t you?

Did you know:

The clinical trials for the Pfizer jab won’t be complete till January 27th, 2023.

The Moderna trials don’t complete until December 2023.

The British promoting Oxford AstraZeneca coming in a poor third place, with their trials reaching completion in February 2023.

Are you seeing the ADVERSE REACTIONS being reported on your TV screens by the government funded Mainstream Media? I guess not, because you have been brainwashed into trusting them fully, and you didn’t take the time to research for yourselves prior to accepting the vaccine.

Let me make it a little easier for you to go find the stats and reports:

The below link is the UK government’s own yellow card, adverse reactions data:
Or watch:

If that’s still hasn’t got your attention and you still don’t believe it’s true, then here are other Vaccine Adverse Reactions Sources:

MHRA Yellow Card: –
MHRA Pfizer ADR’s: –
MHRA AstraZeneca ADR’s: –
MHRA 2019 Statement: –
AERS Statement: –
FB Page: – (already censored by the Big Tech!)

They used other deaths including the FLU to inflate the numbers, the PCR testing was completed at higher cycle rates 35 – 45 Cycles giving false positives the recommended cycle rate is 25 – 30.

I bet you don’t even know that “you have 387 Trillion viruses in your body. (Yes Trillion) 45% of your DNA is viral and Coronavirus is 23% of ALL viruses that’s why you will test positive without any symptoms” – Dr John Bergman.

This #Agenda21 is a setup, and you are all falling for it hook line and sinker because you refuse to look away from your government funded mainstream media and scientists and ask yourself why Big Tech Social Media would choose to censor everything against the narrative.

It is time for you to wake up and pay attention to what’s going on in the background.

This post is to help you along that journey… Question everything, and do not blindly trust them.

Trust your intuition and say NO to this Vaccine. If you don’t, then you will be stuck in a cycle of vaccine boosters for the rest of your lives, and that would be the New Normal for you and your kids!


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