The mainstream medical community is slandering Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and labeling her with various negative and ridiculing labels, because she dares to expose dirty sides of the medical industry.

The above alone should be a red flag which tells you that freedom of speech is not tolerated in today’s mainstream society.

Medical communism or religion where only one chosen truth exists. Any deviations or contradictions (true or false — doesn’t matter) are considered heresy. The mainstream media and the authorities are full of it.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains very clearly about dangers of vaccinations, and for that she’s being suppressed, blocked, censored, ridiculed by the entities who reap benefits from vaccinations.


Now ask yourself, what benefit is in it for Dr. Tenpenny and other similar people? Does she receive mega profits by alarming people about dangers of vaccinations? Constantly being targeted by the “system”, harassed, ridiculed, censored, bullied, witch-hunted…

And then think about the pharmaceutical industry, what benefits do they get by pushing vaccines as much as possible? Especially when you know that they can’t be sued for any damages caused by vaccines.

If you still believe that vaccines are life savers and the pharmaceutical industry is fighting for our health, then it’s critical for you to wake up to reality…


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