The WEF (World Economic Forum) is involved with this sinister globalist agenda that would benefit a small group of powerful people and institutions, and place the rest of the world in a dystopia.

The following list points out most of their key steps. Marked with the ✔️ icon are completed or ongoing steps, as of July 2021.

  • Fully control the media, social media, and political parties in all 193 UN nations. ✔️
  • Release a lab-produced virus that’s more contagious and slightly more lethal than flu. ✔️
  • Bombard the world with Covid propaganda 24/7 to brainwash the masses. ✔️
  • Use “independent” fact-checkers to censor any information that contradicts or challenges the official narrative. ✔️
  • Hide and ban effective Covid treatments and suppress information about natural immune system boosters, but only repeat the word “vaccines”. ✔️
  • Have the whole world wearing facemasks1. ✔️
  • Develop AI algorithms that can identify masked people.
  • The global vaccination campaign, manipulate and coerce people into taking the vaccine. ✔️
  • Roll out the Agenda 2030. ✔️
  • Conflate Covid with the Agenda 2030 as an opportunity to RESET THE WORLD. ✔️
  • Systematically destroy the economy, small businesses, jobs — by using repeated lockdown strategy. ✔️
  • Amplify the PCR test sensitivity to increase the amount of “cases” to justify lockdowns and restrictions. ✔️
  • Allow people to feel like normal life is returning.
  • Introduce digital vaccination passports, immunization cards, covid passports. ✔️
  • Introduce centralized digital currency and social score system.
  • Introduce basic living wage for the millions out of work, to increase people’s dependence.
  • Monitor population using 5G for dissent & electronically fine or detain.
  • Introduce legislation ordering permanent social distancing and mask use.
  • Roll out new mutations of Covid for which to provide new vaccines again and again.
  • Sterilize most of the world with newer Covid vaccines with a “side effect” that sterilizes the patients.
  • Reduce world population to 500 million.
  • Enjoy the complete control of a “sustainable” ordered humanity.
  • Agenda 2030 is complete.

This may come as a shock for ordinary people who watch TV and listen to the news. Some of them can’t even digest this, they would rather ignore it (the ostrich effect). See also: Boiling Frog.

Anyone who can actually think and see the cause and effect correlations is not seeing this as a conspiracy theory from a sci-fi movie, but as a real, developing and ongoing threat to our basic human rights. These people usually do their own research to verify the information.

The information is all out there, scattered, on the CDC, UN, WHO, and WEF official websites and documents.

See also: Bilderberg group. Often explained by David Icke as well. His much ridiculed “conspiracy theories” have usually come true as actual conspiracies one after another. Think about it.

[1] Facemasks are harmful. Read about it here, here, here, here. Yet the “fact checkers” try to claim that it’s false, without any independent proof to support their claims, while we have tons of independent and individual proof of ineffectiveness and health damages the facemasks have caused!


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