Once again the Tech Giants are repeatedly censoring and deleting this video where Dr Simone Gold openly talks abut Covid-19 vaccines and why they’re highly dangerous.

Why don’t they want people to know the truth? Why are they supporting deception and even tyranny? Why do they want people to know only one side of the information out there?

This is based on facts, not mere opinions and theories.

The more you learn about BOTH sides of the story you will start seeing who’s actually right and who’s unethical/wrong. I’d say, everything that harms individual freedom, health, safety, it’s unethical (and wrong).

Are you willing to risk your life “for the good of the community”? Only stupid people do that… The government doesn’t care about the individuals, they care about their own power and keeping it. Individual losses are acceptable to that entity, because it considers itself a whole, not millions of individuals who have rights.

Who benefits from mass vaccinations and other unnecessary covid-related activities and restrictions? Always follow the money. Billions, even trillions of dollars in this case. Not a joke.


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